The Table

White clay, dimensions varied

These spoons are reproductions of one, of memories from my grandmother’s farm. It was always held by the youngest child, passed down the eleven grandchildren and continues now through the next generation of great-grandchildren. The process of reproduction explores the phenomenological  transcendence of vessels of memory. The true spectacle, the liberty and formlessness in its form and reproductions, foregrounding the the memory and experience that ultimately shape its portrait. 

Bisque fired clay, latex 14×8 cm

I bring to the table, a listening jug. Inspired by an old Victorian jug and Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ smart speaker this work was created by hand moulding and casting techniques, and brought alive with the addition of latex. The memory that this holds for me is a not only making the cast for the ear; having a new friend be a steady model but learning technical processes, and a found feeling of relaxed confidence in a new environment.

What imagined memories can be evoked from the reproduction of an old item? How important are the collected objects around us for retaining memories?

Before I was born, my family went on a summer trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I grew up hearing about this trip and how amazing it was – all the crazy activities they did, the delicious food and drinks they had. Punta Cana became this magic place in my mind and the closer that I got to experience it were all the photographs that they took and this peculiar object. Like a secret in a bottle, this object contains all the memories that I didn’t experience. Bringing it to the table opens space for the object to contain a new meaning today and question – what is the true nature of memory?

One part water, one part flour, one part memories, Combine and cover loosely. Refresh daily for one week. Store in a cool, dry place. Use as a raising agent in baked goods and as a reminder of what has come to pass