Press Release


“What We Bring to the Table” is a collection of physical and experiential work investigating the notion of food being a vessel for memory and connection. The artists have worked collectively and individually to express their own connection with food and memory as well as working to form new bonds and traditions as a unit. With work ranging from ceramic sculpture to digital collage, this collective’s unique outputs highlight their strength as individuals as well as their unwavering ability to collaborate. 

The collective was formed in September 2019 at UAL Chelsea and was founded in the artist’s shared interest in universality. First working to explore colour and to what extent it can be manipulated and assimilated, their work has evolved and presently concerns the ways in which food/meals and the experience of eating/dining can be handled in the same way. The group is interested in the blend of art and life, exploring and sharing ideas and raising questions. They wish to expand the field of practice and produce collaborative work that is innovative and curious for themselves and the viewer.